Hull PorchFest Food

Hull PorchFest Food

Date: 09/02/2018 



Hull PorchFest is proud to announce four vendors will be at the official Hull PorchFest selling food during our event.  Daddy’s Dogs, Townie Frozen Desserts and South Shore Taco Guy will be located at the municipal lot at Kenberma St and Nantasket Ave, which will be closed to parking.

Saltwater Diner is on the other side of the block and they’ll also be selling food during Hull PorchFest 2018.

Daddy’s Dogs and Townie Frozen Desserts will be selling food during the entire event.  The South Shore Taco Guy will be there from Noon to 3:00.

The Hull PorchFest central tent and Portable toilets will also be located in the Kenberma Street Municipal Parking lot.

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NOON - 6:00PM


Hull PorchFest was inspired by the many successful music festivals staged in MA communities (and beyond) to bring citizens together in a new and fun way. Local bands and performers play free sets on porches, driveways, front yards and on other unique performance sites around town.. September 8, 2018 will bring the inaugural Hull PorchFest to Hull's Kenberma shopping district and adjacent neighborhoods...and beyond!


HPF will be centered in the Kenberma shopping district and adjacent neighborhoods including:

Kenberma Street

Kingsley Street

Massassoit Ave

+ more TBD


27 Holbrook Ave
Hull, MA 02045

(617) 390-7937

Hull PorchFest 2018 GENERAL MAP

Located in the Kenberma Street Area of Hull, Massachuetts

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