Hull Porchfest 2020 is presented by Charisma Realty

Please contact us with inquiries on Sponsoring, Performing, Hosting a performance site or volunteering and coordinating.

- Hull PorchFest is an insured event and permitted by the Hull Board of Selectmen.
- HPF will require all attendees to wear masks. We will make masks available for sale to all attendees.
- HPF will require of all attendees a minimum of 6 ft social distancing
- Host porches may choose to have performers set up on their driveway, yard or on the street in front of their property as options to using their porch.
- All streets will be safe to pedestrians as Hull Police Department will be setting up and patrolling barricades on the event site described in this letter.

1. Assuming all government restrictions have been lifted for an all-outdoor gathering of between 1,000 and 1,500 people, are you comfortable with the event being held in your neighborhood on September 5?

#2. Assuming a “No” to question #1 please share your thoughts and concerns.

#3. Assuming a “Yes” to question #1, would you be interested in volunteering your porch/yard/driveway as a performance site?

#4. Assuming a “Yes” to questions #1 and #3, please click here to Volunteer Your Porch