May bands from outside of Hull perform at Hull PorchFest?

Absolutely! Bands from all over are encouraged to join us.

Eating and drinking?

Feel free to bring your own food and beverages. Just remember that each venue is someone's home or business, so please be sure to clean up after yourself. Our general policy for attendees is "take out what you bring in' if you are not in an area with public trash receptacles.

Sounds great! Do I need to buy a ticket to Hull PorchFest?

No, Hull PorchFest is free. Simply go to this website a few days before the event to learn about performance locations and times. We encourage you to walk or use public transportation as parking may be limited.

Beer and wine?

There are currently no plans for an officially contained Hull PorchFest festival area. The entire event takes place in individually owned yards, the public streets in between and some commercial areas. When in public, you are subject to the usual laws regarding alcohol consumption.

Are dogs allowed?

Different homeowners and business owners will likely have different preferences when it comes to dogs on their priority. So please be aware of and sensitive to that. On the streets, the rules are the same as they'd be any other time.

Is there a hashtag? Social Media?

#hullporchfest Please post your photos and videos!



Twitter: @hullporchfest

Will there be bathrooms?

We are arranging for a few Porta-Potties close to or within the Kenberma shopping district. Hull PorchFest locations are neighbors homes, and they will not be obligated to provide any facilities. Host homes providing portable facilities will be strictly at their discretion.

Is there a rain date?

The rain date is Sunday, September 9th. 

​Are you closing the streets during this festival?

Currently the plan is for street closure only from Revere Street to Kenberma Street.

What about parking and transportation?

Hull PorchFest will be utilizing the “Hull O Trolley” with rounds from the HRA parking area to the drop off site TBD.