Hull PorchFest Inc. is conditionally planning to stage our annual Hull PorchFest 2021 and related events in Hull, MA throughout the summer and fall of this year. We will be vigilant in our efforts to stage a fun and safe event for all guests, musicians, hosts, vendors, volunteers, sponsors, and public safety officials.

The staging of our Hull PorchFest 2021 event implies a potentially large number of attendees gathering outdoors in a defined neighborhood setting. In compliance with state and locally mandated safety protocols in force at that time, our policy is to require all attendees and participants, in any capacity, to wear approved face coverings, with nose and mouth covered, and, to the degree possible, practice safe social distancing of at least a 6 foot radius.

We will make more information about our COVID-19 safety protocol available on our website in the coming weeks as Local, State and Federal guidelines evolve.

HPF Scheduled Date: September 18, 2021