To Fans and Supporters of Hull PorchFest:

I think we can all agree there is just about nothing that music can’t fix. That belief is at the core of why we started planning our first Hull PorchFest at the end of 2017.

If there was ever a time we all need the healing power of music, love and community, it’s right now. Clearly we are all faced with an unprecedented (at least in our lifetime) challenge to the normal routines of our lives. More specifically, our collective sense of stability, safety, hope, certainty, security and a host of other feelings are more challenged than ever.

That is why it is the fervent hope of Hull PorchFest that come September 5, we can be the outlet for celebration, joy and fun that we all desperately need. That date is just over five months away.
Many people have asked us what our policy is on holding Hull PorchFest in light of the uncertainty of the length of the COVID-19 health crisis. As of this writing we have not made the decision to cancel Hull PorchFest. However, our policy, like that of so many other organizations who are affected by COVID-19, is that we will follow the protocols and restrictions put forth by local, state and federal authorities for up to and including the planned September 5 date of the event.

That could ultimately involve the cancellation of the event for this year. Obviously, that is something we hope does not happen. But, the health and safety of our community is our first priority.
If the COVID-19 crisis and mandated restrictions have not lifted within the next two months, the Hull PorchFest Planning Committee will convene to further assess the situation. There are MANY moving parts to the planning of an event that includes dozens of performers, performance venues, etc. There are critical planning activities we would be engaged in right now under normal circumstances. Every week that goes by without that planning potentially puts us in a tight spot logistically.

In that light, the closer we get to the event date without a lifting of restrictions, the more we will have to take into consideration challenges we will face independent of the COVID-19 crisis itself. Band schedules, the safety of porch volunteers, attendees and public safety officials plus a host of other factors will have to be taken into consideration in our final decision.

Again, the health and safety of the community will come first. I expect that a final decision on staging the event this year, independent of government restrictions being lifted, will be made no later than July 31. With that said, we will endeavor to do everything within our power to stage this important and joyful event this year.

Thank you all again for your love and support of Hull PorchFest. We love and appreciate you all. Be safe. Be healthy. Hug your kids. Pay your Netflix bill…. and wash your hands!

Tom Hardey
Founder/President Hull PorchFest
781 820 0257