South Shore based Mordechai Lincoln have been playing together casually for years and more recently have been playing gigs. They specialize in a combination of original tunes and covers of classic mid-20th century Americana/Roots tunes.

They cover songs from artists such as Bob Dylan, The Jayhawks, America, Grateful Dead, and others. The write and play originals in similar style.
They instrumental skills are high, and they vibe is laid back like they just got together to jam on your front porch.

Band members include Duncan McLore (Guitars/Vocals), Marty Blumberg (Guitars/Mandolin/Harmonies), Gregg Marcus (Bass/Harmonies), and Andrew Klein (Drums/Vocals).

Sorry, none of us are named “Mordechai Lincoln.”

Mordecai Lincoln II (1686 – 1736) was the great-great-grandfather of our 16th President. His homestead is not far from the band’s rehearsal space. “Mordechai” (the traditional Hebrew spelling) is Marty’s Hebrew name.

Basically, there are two tricky parts. The “ai” at the end is pronounced as a long “i,” like “eye.” The other tricky part is the “ch.” Some of our Jewish, German, and Arabic listeners like to pronounce it as a hard “ch,” as in “l’chaim.” English speakers tend to avoid the phlegm-producing version and prefer the “k” sound. Some avoid the whole issue and just call the band by the more familial, “Uncle Mordie.”

A partial list includes The Marshall Tucker Band, Pink Floyd, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Hootie & The Blowfish, Jane’s Addiction, Luscious Jackson, Jethro Tull, Alice Cooper, and Judas Priest.

Paul Revere and the Raiders remains a gray area, since they had a band member (pun intended) named “Paul Revere Dick.”